Look Who I Found in a Old Photo File


I saw this photo today when I was going through all the fan photos on a certain newspapers site that can be purchased after the fact by customers. I think that we might have found ourselves a MLBlogger doing his thing during the 2008 World Series here. I remember him posting a blog about going to the World Series , with a sign and trying to get a World Series ball from one of the players.

As a matter of fact, I think this is the blog I had on my mind the entire time while trying to identify this blogger: “ When the Rays pitchers came out and started playing catch along the left field foul line, I changed into my Rays gear and positioned myself near Dan Wheeler, who was all the way out near the outfield wall. I didn’t shout his name. I didn’t wave my arms. I just stood there, and within FIVE seconds, he looked up (on his own) and spotted me in the crowd.”

Well wouldn’t you know it, my Bullpen buddy Dan Wheeler would be the guy to finally send a ball up to him over the dugout. Well Zack, before today you probably did not even knoew that this picture existsed of you with Tampa Bay Rays gear on at the World Series. Well it does, and I am happy to post it here for the rest of the blogging communtiy to know that you always get what you come for.  By the way, great sign, but the glove is the thing that get me laughing the most. If you can not get a ball with that glove, you are not trying hard enough. Well, dude, now you know that you are also famous down here in Tampa Bay.

So we know now that Zack the Baseball Collector is more than an author and a avid baseball fan. He is now ingrained into the Tampa Bay Rays psyche since this photo was taken by the St Petersburg Times during Game 4 of the 2008 World Series in Philadelphia. Further proof that he will go to any length to fulfill his destiny as the man………………..even in an enemy town.

I guess that is why we love to read and laugh with him and all his wild adventures.


Photo credits for this blog go to: www.snaggingbaseball.mlblogs.com, www.tbo.com.


Great find Rays Renegade! I’m sure Zack will be glad you found it!


Wow…now that’s a glove! It worked so I guess Zack wins…great pic!

I wonder where one goes to buy a glove that big? I’m sure they don’t stock them in the local Sports Authority!
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

He might already have it, but I wanted to put it up just in case.

I do not even remember seeing him there, but then I was down the line a bit messing with J P Howell

Rays Renegade


I love that glove.
I am going to have to chat with him to find out where he found something like that.
It was probably a promo display item that Rawlings sold one year.

that would be my luck.

Rays Renegade


Probably in the same department they sell Barry Bonds his caps.
Seriously, I want one just to mess with people during B P . That glove is awesome.

Rays Renegade


The man knows how to snag a baseball, that’s for sure.

He sure does.
I am going to have to hit the bookstore and check out his new book this weekend. “How To Watch Baseball Smarter”, I know a few hundred fans that need to scan that book at least once.

Rays Renegade


I got to meet the giant glove in person before the HR Derby this year…I want one! Zach is funny :O)


As long as the ego doesn’t go into a size 20 hat, we can all be thankful for the big glove. I love the way he writes, and his stories always have a kid’s mindset of the love of the chase and the excitement of the actual catch.

Some players would be wise to have that mindset even now.

Rays Renegade


Nice find! I wonder how heavy the glove is…

Man, I wish Jason Giambi would’ve had that glove when he played in New York! LOL! Too funny!


I do not know, but I can only imagine how much that thing weighs. Think of what a line drive would do to your hand when it hit that huge glove.

But, you have no excuse for not catching a ball hit to you.

Rays Renegade


He did have a glove that big, it is just that he left it on the charter flight from Oakland one night and it was donated to a honeless couple as a two room sublet apartment in Brooklyn.
I am not even sure that glove would have helped him at first base most nights.

Rays Renegade


There’s not much that could’ve helped Giambi at first…not even his beloved thong! Seriously, did he HAVE to let the public know about that, really?

I know that some people think it is funny some of the superstitions that get started in sports, but whatever gives you confidience can not be all bad.

Even though the golden thong might not be everyone’s choice for inspiration, at least it was not see-thru. Some players have to eat the same pre-game meal, or dirve the same way to the ball park.

Then others wear an old T-shirt or a piece of their past to give them a emotional lift before heading out on the field. I used to wear a T-sirt from either my high school or college under my pads. Each guys has a pattern that makes him secure and ready to go.

Rays Renegade


Hey Rays Renegade! Red Sox took round one from the Yankees! ;-)


Not that she’s excited or anything!

That might end up being a saying said a lot this year. Boston beats the Yankees. Did you really expect to lose in the first round?

You know in the Max blog I am going up against a Red Sox blog…………….you calling out the army for that matchup?

Rays Renegade


She is in the other bracket and will never have to worry about the Rays Renegade. But do not take Rockpile Rants too lightly. He will have a ton of votes after 6 pm our time, which is afternoon there.

I love this tourney.

Rays Renegade


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